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Something fishy

A student project naming and branding a hypothetical seafood processing company, including corporate stationery and a website.



As a part of a university course I was assigned the project of naming and branding a seafood processing company. The project deliverables included a logo and brand assets, corporate stationary and a website.

problem definition & need

The seafood processing industry is saturated with industry leading companies such as Oceans, which, creates a significant barrier to entry. Competing with a company of this scale (resources spanning across multiple sub brands) serving multiple unique audiences. This poses further challenges as the brand recognition and saturation is beyond the scope of a single product line/target audience.

Jocelyn-MerCo Target Audience


primary persona

Jocelyn is 35 years old, living in a small home in Burnaby with her husband and child. She is the purchasing manager for Choices Grocery Stores in BC. She wakes up at 7am and makes coffee for her husband, Gerrard and pours their son Cody a bowl of cereal for breakfast. She heads into the office after dropping her son off at school. Her day consists of reordering products and locating new potential suppliers that align with the company’s values. Jocelyn works for Choices because she believes people should be able to know the food they purchase is organically produced and operates with environmentally sustainable practices.

Brittany - Merco Target Audience


secondary persona

Brittany is a 26 year old Dental Hygienist who works in a local dentists office. She has been dating her boyfriend Jeremy for 3 years. They recently moved into a small apartment in a newly developed area in South Vancouver. Knowing the negative effect that chemicals and processed food can make on dental hygiene, she only purchases natural and organic products. She is very aware of the developments in Climate Change and drives her hybrid 2013 Hyundai Elantra to do her part As well, Brittany researches the brands that have better practices to make informed purchase decisions.


Creating a solution that both target audiences respond to, while upholding the companies values of corporate transparency and allowing MerCo's customers to be able to trace the product they have back to the boat it was caught on.

A bold and dynamic mark was created that would be readable at small scales (packaging, mobile devices) all the way up to large scale (signage, billboards). An abstraction of a fish tail is used to add more motion to the mark.