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A student branding and marketing project bringing easy cell phone roaming to a previously untapped audience.


As a part of a university course I was tasked with defining a business situation that defines the need for a branding and marketing strategy. The strategy and branding was then pitched to university faculty and the feedback received was implemented to create multiple deliverables to address the various needs in that situation.

Problem Definition & Need

Bell Mobility is one branch of BCE Inc, the largest communications company in Canada. Having recently invested $3.77 billion dollars into the network in 2016(1), they are looking to expand their reach into the international travel market. With this Bell hopes to establish a more dominant position in the market share, which is currently evenly split between Telus (33%), Rogers (29%), Bell (29%) with the remaining 9% accounted for by budget subsidiaries and smaller providers(2). As the first Canadian telecom company to attempt to bring international communications to consumers at no extra charge, they hope to lead the way in cheaper international communications and keep Canadians in contact to their friends and family no matter where in the world they are.

Canadians are currently charged more the double the international average to roam at international destinations(3). By partnering with large telecom companies in international locations, Bell will offer seamless connection throughout the world. To introduce this product to the market, we will create a new budget subsidiary of Bell Mobility called Latitude. This is a way to connect with a more specific customer that is currently not prioritized by Bell.

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Brenda Heathers is a 54-year-old who lives with her husband Jeff, a recent retiree from his job as an investment banker. They have lived the same large home in Calgary, AB for the last 20 years. Their two sons, Daniel (22) and Jeff (24) have recently graduated college, and because of that Brenda and Jeff are finding much more time to do the things they love, which includes travel. They have decided to purchase a home in Phoenix, AZ, so they have somewhere to go during the winter months to avoid the cold.

Brenda and Jeff love to entertain and socialize, hosting at least one dinner party a month. They currently post photos on Facebook and phone their friends, family and grandchildren. Along with staying in Phoenix for a few months every year, they go on trips with a large group of friends to exotic locations. They currently pay for a roaming package from Bell when they travel and get a different cell phone number when they are down in Arizona for the winter.


Communications will be direct and poke fun at the mannerisms of the target audience, while reinforcing the value that being connected everywhere in the world adds to the experience of travelling as well as keeping them in touch with their loved ones.


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