E Design

Learning on tap

A student project branding and creating collateral for KPU Brewlab, a university brewery looking to engage the local community and educate them on the art of craft brewing.



KPU Brewlab is a brewing facility open to the local community, that is operated by the students and faculty of the KPU Brewing & Brewery Operations program. As a part of a university course I was to design a brand to represent the Brewlab, a tasting room that is open to the local community with a focus on educating guests on the industry and processes of producing quality craft beer.

problem definition & need

This project posed a unique set of challenges including a large number of stakeholders and target audiences that want the brand to uphold the same values. The most restricting of these stakeholders was Kwantlen Polytechnic University, who wanted to focus not on the aspect of the beer, rather the education that the facility provides, while maintaining a professional image that is representative of its own brand values.


By focusing on the technical and educational aspect of the facility, I was able to come up with a clean and simple customized typographic mark with a "W" which is an abstraction of a flight of beer.