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To infinity...

A freelance website redesign project for a local information systems and networking administration company Infinity Business Solutions.

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I was approached by the owner of Infinity Business Solutions to redesign and develop their website. It was originaly created in 2009 and it needed a complete overhaul, the design was dated and was not responsive or optimized for mobile devices or modern desktop screens.

problem definition & need

As the website previously stood, it did not accurately represent the forward thinking of the company. Its dated, non-responsive design gave the impression of an unpolished web presence which may lead to a lack of trust in the product offering. One of the parameters defined in the scope of the project was to ensure the ability to make plain text updates to files with ease.


Create a lightweight responsive website that is easily accessible for all clients on any of their devices, while maintaining a very simple code base to enable IBS to make plain text updates to the HTML files with a minimal working knowledge. 

By using the Bootstrap framework, I was able to keep the files readable and create a responsive website to fit the budget. The new website will focus on simplifying access to the content and creating a more engaging experience, while integrating the current branding.

Visit the Infinity Business Solutions website