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New brand resolutions

A student rebrand of the worldwide fitness franchise, Anytime Fitness, updated for digital use while retaining the widespread awareness of the original brand.


Select a well established brand with enough touchpoints to justify a graphic standards manual. Complete a rebrand, graphic standards manual, a 3 page responsive website and 1 print deliverable to show how the rebrand works across print and digital mediums.

Problem Definition & Need

Anytime Fitness is a global fitness franchise that has risen quickly into the mainstream. This franchise has 3000 locations in over 65 countries worldwide and have been using the same logo since being established in 2002. They have completed multiple updates to the visual language both in print and digital applications, which has led to a lack of continuity between the applications.

Due to the large international audience, there are some language barriers that are not addressed with the english only branding and applications, which leave a portion of the audience to rely on the logo and colour scheme to identify the brand.

The original mark has served Anytime Fitness well, but with the rise in fitness technology and the need for a more flexible branding for digital applications, which means it's the perfect time to rebrand for a more engaging digital presence.

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Gym Newcomers




The primary audience is people who are new to going to the gym and have a limited knowledge of the terminology and equipment in the gym. They can be very intimidated by the idea of going to the gym and it is important to make them feel welcome and at ease. This demographic is aged 18-55 and is 60% Female and 40% Male. Living busy lifestyles makes it hard for them to find time to exercise and struggle with weight loss and dieting so they turn to fad diets to improve their personal health. Working a desk job doesn't help with any of this, but does give them a high level of aptitude with technology.

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The secondary target audience is those looking for new franchising opportunities. These people are self-starters who are entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in the fitness and customer service sector. They are currently running other businesses or working in management. Typically, they are aged 40-65, 70% male and 30% female with a household income of $50,000 to $75,000.



By simplifying the runner icon, I was able to retain the brand awareness that the previous mark had gained over the years, while introducing a more refined and abstracted representation. The updated icon is simplified and built on a grid to create more structure, paying respects to the mark of the runner while looking forward with a abstract fitness technology direction (mimicking the graphs of information gathered from fitness trackers). 

The most important thing that can be considered with this new mark is the scalability and flexibility, which allows the brand to have a clearly recognizable experience on screens ranging from large desktop displays to smart watches. The Canadian designed Gibson typeface was chosen for the word mark due to the friendly, organic forms that don't affect its readability or flexibility in use. A modern humanist sans serif was utilized for the tagline to bring the new focus on fitness technology into the forefront while paying homage to the outgoing logo.


Brand Standards Manual

To help franchisees use the new brand language in their facilities and marketing communications, a brand standards guide was created. This item was designed to be printed 11x17 for distribution to franchisees as a part of the rebrand launch campaign.


To further integrate the forward thinking of the new brand into the deliverables, I chose to redesign the website with a more simplified approach. Previously, the website had too many competing elements, which made usage quite overwhelming, even for simple tasks. The new website is designed to simplify the common tasks and direct users to the most relevant content for them.

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